Who we are:
Nicole and Jerry met 5 years ago, took a road trip to Yosemite, and have been taking pictures ever since. We've lived in Los Angeles, Tokyo and now Texas, all while following Jerry's football career. In between the football madness, Nicole created a business that let's us share our passion for creating beautiful imagery. People Love Love was inspired by our time together, and our desire to share those experiences.

What we do:
We are a social media content creating team that produces unique and original content for a brand's advertising and social marketing. We take away the drama and chaos of a photoshoot, and create engaging content tailored to your brand's needs. Social media is about people, conversations and building your company from those relationships; with People Love Love we strive to create the content that will continue to grow your brand.

Next stop: Los Angeles


Email: peoplelovelove@icloud.com
Instagram: @nicolexknox
Pinterest: @nicolexknox

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